What is RHYTHM?

RHYTHM is an app designed to help manage your contacts and information into a smooth rhythm that brings peace to your life. Quickly enter contacts into your RHYTHM account by scanning a business card, manually entering information, or if they are also on RHYTHM, digitally exchanging personalized cards, called a DEX card.

What is a DEX card?

After you sign up for RHYTHM, you can create a personalized DEX card. A DEX card allows you to digitally and securely share your information at tradeshows, meetings, and events. You can access it from anywhere, at anytime. Make your DEX card public or private with personalized privacy settings.

How does RHYTHM work?

The RHYTHM app is designed to optimize the time it takes to exchange information, make connections, and manage those connections. The app is in its BETA version and we look forward to releasing more features in Fall 2019.